Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Officially counting down!

Above is the countdown of my days left in CHM. To be frank, its not easy. Having to know that they are pricking bones out from the egg and yet you can't do anything to stop it. All I can do now is to endure the pain and hope time flies. With all the jobs that I have to rush to complete before I leave is really stressful.. Ever after I've tender, I'm feeling very stress and can't sleep well at night.

My body seems can't coordinate with my brain anymore. I feel like my body is going to give way soon. Hoping for my short trip to come soon before a fresh start of the new job. Guess probably I should head down to Polyclinic to get an MC from the doctor for my insomia due to stress. The sleepless night is really killing me. I don't know how long more I can endure with the lost of my beauty sleep..

People around me are all getting sick. Especially my dear Yvonne, she have been down with her flu bugs for a long time and recently she is getting from bad to worst. Due to flu virus attack her voice box, she finally lost the battle, she lost her voice!! Supposed to meet up last Sunday with her BF Adrain to go Changi Airport T3 to eat Popeye then go prawning de. But all thanks to her flu bugs, we have to cancel the whole plan. Wondering if we can make it this Sunday mah? Peeps, pls take very good care of yourself and don't fall sick till like Yvonne. She had bedridden for the past 1 week. Get well soon babe!

Short post for this. Will write another one soon.

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