Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mini Gathering for Chong Shan Primary School

Flashing back to the days where we are still young girls & boys having our school assembly, lessons in class and even our recess time. Still remember, I would usually go school early to have my favourite malay store food for my breakfast. Then I will "tabao" some tibits to class. I would usually sneakily eat the tibits in class when teacher is writing on the blackboard. Ofcos I will share all my tibits with my classmates too.. I am always the bad on who always influence my classmates to do bad things.. kekekeke... Then after class, we would usually stay back in school and play zero point at the canteen area. Ofcos there are many many more fun stuffs I did it in my primary school times and that included fighting for my girls or even friends.. DON'T GET THE IDEA THAT I'M AH LIAN.. ME NOT AH LIAN. Me just wanna protect my friend from anything.

Had a few gathering before but was at KTV so hardly got the time to talk. This time round is a dinner plus a chit chat @ the Crown Plaza Hotel @ Changi Terminal 3. Although I've to go disappear for 3 hours, they still chat till late night just to wait for me to join them after my friend 21st birthday BBQ celebration.

Let the photos to walk back my memories to school time ba..

Boys & Girls of Chong Shan Pri. Sch. Except the man right at the end with specs and also my hubby on the left.

The gals - From left me, Shufen, Mingli & Wanyi

The Gals again

The boys - From left Laiguo, Weiguang & Etphon

The group photo.

Group photo "Q 版''

The grass in the flowers..!!

Poor Laiguo.. Kanna squeeze by elephant..

Looking at the pictures, it seems that everybody still the same except me.. Had grown very horizontal and I LOOK FOR KING KONG IN THE PHOTOS. *sob sob*.. Hoping for another outing soon.. See ya my friends till then!

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