Sunday, March 1, 2009

人生 - LIFE

人生 - 人生本来就是喜奴无常。往往想要的都不能实现。 要求太多反而会伤的深,所以让自然走向你就不会伤的那么深。顺其自然是最好的办法。 想太多不就是让自己不开心,让自己烦脑。


说到这里,我也在想为什么人总是要等到失去了才知道后悔。可是都以不能挽回了。人生就是这样, 它不会等你去后悔,然后在让你拥有。不见了,就是不见了,要找回来也不能找了。机会流走了就没了,把握机会才是最好的办法,千万不要放手。幸福是自己找的,它不会自己来的。

I'm having hard times writing the above words. Hahahah.. It proves that I haven't been using Chinese words for a long long time. Think I should write more Chinese post to keep myself with the Chinese words.

My dear friend is facing her downs again. Can hardly help her to ease the pain, all I can do is too listen and talk her out. Hoping she will be strong again. Seeing or hearing her like this is a pain. Wonder when can I hear her true laugh again. Hoping the man she is with will support her and held her in his arms. Being in love, we have to learn to give and take. Love don't come so easily and once lost, it is lost forever. We have to learn to give and take, we have to learn each others problem and too we have to learn to listen each others problem. Why have doubt in each other when you love your the other part? Believe in each other is the key to the success of the fruitful love. Nobody can help you in this, only you yourself can do to the success of love.

At this time, I hope they will be find. Facing problem together and not run away. She is always doing things to protect him and yet He don't know what is she thinking about. He every time wants to talk out with her but He don't dares too as he worry She will be annoyed. Love is not like this. Understand what your other part want to help you and say what you need to say without hurting your other part.

End of the day, love is around you. All you need is held out your hand and to grab your chance.

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