Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Haunted or Not!

Today, I just heard a breathe stopping "rumours". I was on a lift up to my office during lunch time after buying my lunch back to office. I press level 9 for the lift but seems no avail. I've tried for 3 times and finally it works. Then after having my lunch, I went down to the building and smoke. I then went back up after smoking. Again, I remember I press level 9 and stand aside of the lift as I saw some people coming into the lift. I then notice that they are my colleagues.

One of my colleague then say, the lift has got wind. Another colleague say "Just tell her that the lift was haunted." At that point of time, I was like stunned for a moment. Then they carried on saying that some of the colleagues saw a head dropping from the ventilation of the lift. I was like what the hell, please tell me you guys are just joking.

Initially, I was just thinking that it is just a rumour. But when I went back to office and while doing my work. I heard my another colleague saying the same thing. This time round, I know its not just a rumour and is for real. Few of them saw the same thing. Gosh! How am I going to take the lift back home! I need someone to accompany go home liao.. Better be prepare than be sorry.

People like my mum says, if you just ignore them, they will not disturb you. Treat it as a rumour and nothing will happen. Believe it or not is up to you. For me, I will try my very best to forget the whole rumours and live like nothing happen. Hahaha.. Sounds scary right. Hmm. Pray hard for me that nothing will happen to me..

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Blogger Yvonne said...

A head??? Just imagine that its' my head lah!!! Haiz... dun think so much lah...

Probably the wind is the air from the ventilation from above the lift. So don't think too much. For the head,... er, i can comment le...

If u see it, then show the head ur monkey face lah.. Go "Bleah =P" and scare it back!!!

I will pray for u... ^_^

April 12, 2009 at 4:06 PM  
Blogger XiAoWeInI aka bErLiN said...

wah piang you still can joke hor.. wait till you see one.. but I hope my monkey face can scare it away.. Scare later I saw it, I will be the one fainting lor..

April 13, 2009 at 12:53 AM  

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