Monday, April 6, 2009


Had been missing in action for the past few days since my last post.. Had been really busy after my holiday to Genting and since I started my new job.

Took 2 days of rest after coming back from Genting then started my new job. Probably, I've not given myself a proper mental prepare that's why I'm feeling lost. After 2 days of rest, I feel that I'm not having my rest enough. After so many years of working, I'm starting to feel restless in working. Although in a new work environment, still no feelings of excitement can be found in my heart or soul. Perhaps had been in comfort zone for too long. That spells the reason why I'm in lost of my life road.

Back to my new job. Lots of things to learn. I've to start from stretch again. The workload is quite heavy but still acceptable for me. What freaks me out is the working culture. Can you imgaine they go back to office almost every Saturday and they stay back in office till 7 or 8 sometimes even 9? Frankly speaking, I choose to change job is cos I wanted a 5 days work, but come to think I've to come back every Saturday really freaks me out. There are goods in this company too. They have their annual gathering for both Singapore and Malaysia. They have their family day too. I shall try to endure for the 3 months probhation and see if I can survive. I will not leave the company unless the management feels that I'm not suitable for this job.

Anyway, I've already planned my next steps. If the management accepts me, I will definitely work hard for it. But not expecting me to come back on Saturday or even stay back till 8. I will definitely work hard during my working hours as I want to play hard after my working hours. If they don't accept me, prolly, I will just stay away from full time job and work in my part time job for the time being. Rest for a while and wait for the economy get better then will start to find for a job. If not other wise, I might want to start my own venture with Princess Yvonne. Hahahaha.. Wish me luck ba!

Oh yah! Nearly forgotten abt my photos for my holiday. Please stay tune for my next post for my holiday photos ba.!! Till then, I will stay positive like I use to be and I will definitely get updates more on my new job status.

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