Friday, June 19, 2009

My Apology For My Absent

Sorry for being MIA from my blog.. As mentioned in my earlier post, I've changed a new job and well I'm doing fine presently. Just a little tired out cos of the working hours and that's the main reason why I didn't blog ever since I started work..

Ermmm... I've actually lots of stuff to write but its just like I do not know where and how to start about it. Hmmm.. I think I shall start with my new job first. In the initial stage, I can't fit into their working culture. Having to stay back late and going back to office on Saturday makes me feel sick.. Well now, I'm like staying back late during the week days but definitely not on my precious Saturday. You may be wondering how come I'm willing to stay back late in the office? Hahahaha.. Well well, I love to stay back, work and chit chat with my lovely colleagues. Talking about my colleagues, they are as equal insane as me.. At times, we even crack dirty jokes or even we just talk nonsense jokes in the office. We click really well and what's the most important thing is all of us seems having the same characteristic though we may differ abit. Let me introduce my colleagues one by one to you guys..

First, my first contact person in the office is Ms PuiTin. She is the first person I get contact with in my first day of work. She is a very nice and soft spoken lady. She don't really speaks in the office. She will just bury her head in the work and work non-stop. But, with a little devil like me, I'm slowly influencing her. With my nonsense, my jokes and ofcos my talkative expertise. She is now becoming more open and starts to talk alittle. Next is the person who sits next to me and she is Siti. She is a cute married woman and she is a very nice lady. She is always available to help you out should you face any problem. But she can be a little grouchy at times. Hahahah.. I can't blame her lah, with so many unreasonable people in this earth, ofcos will get a little grouchy at times. The other one is Catherine. She is the most senior stuff among us. She used to be in the accounts department and had transferred to the claims department and have been working with the company for abt 10 years. She is a hot head woman, so don't pley pley.. She will get very angry if the phone she picks up irritates her. She will even hang up the phone if the caller is unreasonable. The other one lady is my senior executive. She is Joseline. Well well, she is exactly like me. We talk very loudly, laughs very loudly and talks nonsense. I have a assistant manager too. He is Shawn. Let me tell you, he is a very very nice gentle man. The most important thing is he loves his son and with very very very much. The last person is my Vice President of the department and she is my boss, Sally. She is a nice but stern lady. She may be at times very warm but at times she can be cold. In work, she is very strict. Well, that's all my colleagues in my department. A small group though, but very happening one. In short, I love them so much. That's all about my office ba. Nothing special to mention.

Next, as promise, I'm trying to load my photo, but it don't seems to be working. I shall give it a try again to see if my card readu can read again mah.. Think I shall stop here and write another post tomorrow ba.. So see ya!



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