Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sick Cat

I thought I have already recovered from my gastric flu since 3 weeks back. But I am wrong. My stomach had become very sensitive recently.

Just last Sunday which was Mother's Day and so happen to be my niece Liza birthday. Sis Belinda invited us over to her house to celebrate Liza's birthday and mum's mother's day. She had prepare spaghetti (the Aglio Aglio and the tomato favoured). Errmm.. Not bad taste, just a little dry and the prawn seems like uncooked. YUP YUP!! UNCOOKED PRAWN! Now I am suffering from food poisoning I supposed.

What happened was, yesterday morning, I woke up and as usually brush up and change to office wear. Out of a sudden, while I was doing up my hair, I felt the whole world is spinning. I immediately sit on the toilet bowl and recover myself. Once the giddiness went off, I stand up and set to work. When I in office, the giddiness came back again. Feeling so uneasy and nauseous but still have to carry on working. I try not to take cos I won't be able to claim MC de. So I have to tahan tahan.. Back to the food poisoning. Till today, my stomach is still feeling cramp. I pray hard my stomach will recover soon. I hope I will not be like my dear Princess Yvonne, admit into hospital due to her severe food poisoning.

Alright that should end my post for here. Pls pray for me my friend.. Oh I still haven't upload my Genting trip photo. Shall do it asap!!



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