Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sickly Chicken!

I'm on MC today. After 1 year, I finally down with virus again. Taking mc during 3 months probation don't seem so good but no choice I really can't drag myself to work.

On Tuesday after lunch, I was like feeling very thirsty. I tried to drink more water but still at the end of the day, my throat is so sore. The moment I drink water or even swallow my saliva my throat pains too. Then at night, the fever came to me.

Yeasterday morning, my throat sore like hell and I was like my fever is getting from bad to worst. By afternoon, I'm having a running nose and watery eyes plus diarrhea. After work, I head home straight and take a rest hoping I will get better. But by 9 plus, my whole body is aching and I could feel the heat from my body. Finally, I can't take it anymore and I went to the clinic to see the doctor.

The doctor took my temperature and it reads 39.. Yes!!! 39 degrees. Doctor says if I delay further I might have to go hospital. The diagnose was probably gastric flu and the virus caused the fever. The virus too attached my throat, nose and eyes. And that explain why I'm having sore throat, running nose and watery red eyes. The other possibility was that I could have suffer Sinus too and probably the sinus had worsen and caused the fever, flu and watery eyes.

I was given few medications to take and hoping to cure this sick. If not otherwise, I have to back to her again. Doctor also said that the fever will not subside for the next 3 days. That's why I was given MC today. If till tomorrow still the same, doctor ask me to go back to her again to take MC again.

Lacteol Fort - For Acute Diarrhea & Gas
Librax / Chlorax - For treatment of abdomen wind / discomfort for irritable bowels
Cirrus (Zyrtec) - For allergic Rhinitis & Nasal congestion
Pacofen - For pain, fever & headache
Fucithalmic Eye Gel - For eyes infections

So many medicine to complete and hopefully I can recover fast. Wondering how to work tomorrow if my fever still persist and my eyes is still watery and red.. Haiz.. Alright gonna sign off now. Need to take good rest and hope the fever will go off..



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