Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Belated Father's Day

Its Father's Day yesterday, I hereby wishes all fathers a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! Wondering how's all the fathers in this world spend the day? Fot me, I went to KFC early in the wee morning for their NCC training. After the training, I went back home for a rest. Few of my staffs came to my house for moive, the "Pathology". The movie was rather slow, not as scary as I expected. After which, me and hubby we back to my father-in-law place to celebrate Father's Day..

Talking about father, I think of my dad.. I miss him.. I very much want to dream of him but seems to no avail. He passed away since was 19. At the age of 19, I was already holding up the burden of my family. Too be frank, I do feel tired and heavy to caary such a heavy burden. Well, I will stay strong and hold on till it..

Enough said of my dad, how's your week end today? I hope is a nice and enjoyable one. Tomorrow is another brand new week, please do sleep early and don't worry, cookie monster will eat up all your blues tomorrow.. Me going to sleep now, otherwise, I will be nodding my head infront of the PC.. Good night!



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