Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Sunday

Had just came back from Sis place. We had steamboat dinner and had a little game session. It was really fun to get together with family members. Just as expected, both my niece and nephew had a great time with Niki's companion. He is just to adorable. They had never stop disturbing him, making fun of him. But ofcos, he is deadly tired when he came home.

Before going to Sis house, me and hubby went prawning with Vincent and his 5 year old daughter. I don't know why I am so impatient in the afternoon time. Prolly I didn't had enough sleep. We went to Punggol Marina for prawning. The place is nice, it is a country club where you can find yatchs around and also fishing lovers. The catch rate there was actually not bad but must see timing. I find it easier to get the prawns around evening time with not much people gather around and prolly the prawns is hungry. Today I only managed to prawn 4 pcs with 3 hours. But hubby caught with his bare hands 4 pcs too.. My highest record there was about 20 pcs of prawn. Oh, not forgetting Vincent and his daughter.. This young little girl is good. This is her first time prawning but she had 2 prawns in less then 45 mins. How clever she is..

Absent minded, I forget to take photo for the steam boat and my prawns... *sob sob* Nevermind.. will have another chance to do that.. I wanna go play game liao.. Tata...

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