Sunday, July 12, 2009


It's been almost a week since my last post. Pretty lazy and tired recently, that's why didn't really wanna write anything. It's near 2am now and working day is just another 1 day more to go.. I'm getting to love this job.. Having all the great colleagues is nothing to be less.

Recently haven't been sleeping very well.. Think my isonmia friend is back to visit me again.. Argghhh.. I am so angry with myself! I very much wanted to sleep but I can't. It seems that I'm being disturb by some matters which I do not know what is that. Friends had been telling me that prolly I'm under stress. But I do not feel that way? I think Winnillicous is right, I need a break.. Still remember that when I was in my ex company, I would usually go for a short holiday once every 3 mths. So I think it's time for me to take a short break. Already had plan for a cruise trip this coming September. Hope nothing crops up to destroy my plan.

Tomorrow going to Sis house for a steam boat dinner. So long nvr see my niece and nephew le. I think they miss me too cos of Niki... But my dear boy is so ugly now. He had just went for his grooming and I've ask the shop to shave him up. He is so in a mess that I can't handle his coat. He just simply love to mess him coat on my bed.. Well me and hubby can't bear to scold him, he is too adorable to punish him.. It's been some time, I upload his picture.

His innocent look is irresistible

Still wanna take photo even is tired

The Happy Family..

After his shave.. Ugly mah?

Love his innocent look.. Like the Pussy Cat in Shrek movie.

Had brought mum to Pasir Ris to try on the fish spa. Was having fun seeing mum's face. It was her first time trying it. But she loves it..

Hubby's leg.. Look so many fishes biting his leg..

Mine.. Not much.. It proves that my feet is clean.. Wahahaha

Mum's leg lagy worst. Even more fishes than hubby's. Yuckss. She haven't been washing her leg for the past few years I suppose.

I think I shall end here.. I wanna go play my Texas Poker in FB le.. Bye Bye..

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