Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dinner At Pariss International Seafood Buffet

Burrrppp... I'm so freaking full now.. Just came back from dinner with my colleagues at Pariss International Seafood Buffet. Price a little steep but the food is up to standard. Fresh and lots of choices.

It was a nice dinner with them. Hahahah.. Never miss our laughter. I think we are the noisiest table in the restaurant. Hahahaha.. Imagine, we are in office wear and are laughing throughout.. Well, like what Shawn said, this is the time to see how I eat. I am a BIG eater yah! Non stop if having buffet... I believes that explain my size ba. Aiyah.. In short, I had a wonderful nite with them. We really clicks well.
First is the foods...

Food Counter

Teppanyaki Counter


Cake Corner

Pumpkin sauce crab

Chocolate moose

The food is really nice.. Can't stop loving it. Next is people..

My manager - Shawn (Gotcha)

A proper picture of him

My Boss - Sally (A nice lady)

My Senior Executive - Joseline



Puitin & Siti

Group photo w/o Shawn as he haven't come yet

Finally a complete group photo but bad one taken by the waiter

Guys let me tell you. It's a good place. You may give it a try if you wanna something presentable.



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