Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Upset & Angry

Today, I'm feeling upset and angry today plus a little pissed off in the office.. First it started off with finding files. Can you imagine when you need to find a file which don't belongs to your department and when you ask that particular department, they replied telling you they don't know. -_-" This is making me mad cos I have to run around to find one particular file. I always try not to believe that we are KS. But I can't help but beginning to admit it. It's really difficult to work with people like this. Struggling to accept the reality that I work among people like this and endure it throughout. Nevertheless, I will not give up just like that.

Then what happen next really upset me. One of my colleague was moving the metal shelf (they call it the compactor - don't know who to spell it) and the shelf is like stuck and gives out alot of the "cluck" sound. So I turn over to see what had happen and notice that the shelf was lock to stable but he didn't notice that. Out of goodwill, I tell him that he haven't unlock the shelf. Guess what is his reply. " Common lah! I've been working for so long here, still need you to teach me meh." 1st of all, my intention s not to teach him how to move the shelf but to inform him in case he didn't see it. 2ndly I saw him having hard time pushing the shelf so I just tell him to help him. Okay, I know I'm being KPO and I deserve that. So in future, I will just keep shut and work.

It really breaks my heart when this word came out from my own department colleague. Haiz.. But again, I will not give up just like that. I will hang on tight to survive thru this. Well, just dump this unhappy issue since its already after work. hmm.. Let's think of something happy.

Winnillicous is joining the Cenosis event. She will be representing the blogger to go on the slimming course. Yeah! for her. I wanted to join too but I know I will never be given the chance. Let's wish her well.. Can't wait to see her brand new look. So stay till to her blog for all the updates.

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