Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yes Or No? You Choose

I can't remember if I have blog abt this incident before. Anyway, I shall briefly describe to refresh everybody memory. I went to one of the HongKong cafe named Street Cafe at Downtown East, The D Mall. We had 7 adults and 3 children went in for dinner. It was abt 9pm. They are closing @ 10 pm. So we ordered our food and we then waited for our food. Their service was really thumbs down. And when we ask for bill they told us that the credit card machine was down. No signs was being put up at that time. All of my friends were rather unhappy about it. So I decided to write in to complain to their main office.

I've called up the office and too send a few emails with their rep. I've too in my email state that I would not want to visit that particular branch anymore and hoping their other branches with provide better services.

Now, my friends are telling me to go to that branch to have dinner. So, If you were to be me, will you still wanna go since you have already state so clearly that you do not want to go. For me no, it's my word and I meant what I say. There is so many restaurant to eat but why there? Am I in a wrong if I firmly maintain my choice. Nope. I'm wrong again. My friends told me they won't recognized me so why I bother.. The children wanted to eat so we have to follow. Fine! I mean no means no. So I decided to go on my own way.

Maybe, I'm too sensitive. I feel their eyes telling me, why must I be so difficult and be the odd one out? I feel bad.. Deep in my heart, I feel heartbroken. I feel that why must I always be the one agreeing with what they say. Alright then, next time, if thinking I'm so difficult to get along, then leave me alone. Really upset now.. I hope that I'm really the sensitive one and everything I sense is not true..

It's not a happy weekends for me. 1st of all, sick then top up and final with all these rubbish.. Sick and tired of living in this cold and cruel world. I think, if hubby is not around with me, I would probably be giving up soon. Thus, I will treasure the love bond we have and hope / wish he will always be by my side...

I hate myself for being what I am, I love my hubby for being who he is.. Isn't this dilemma?

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