Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Lightness Night

I'm staying in my darkness alone tonight. Just now I tried to on the light and I heard some buzzing sound so I quickly off it, in case any trip again or caught fire.

It's so dark without the lights. With only my lappy and TV lighting, I am still unable to see well.. So this triggers me to think how people in the kampong survive without lightings in the older days. Today, again whole day "nuahing" at home. Doing nothing but only watch TV, eat and sleep. Hahahah!!! Sounds like something yah.. Yes! You are right a piggy..

Don't know whathappen to my blog recently. The page for writing my post seems a little error. There is no spell check, no photo upload and other functions.. Is there anyone can tell me what happen or can tell me how to troubleshoot this problem.

Wonder hows my buddy doing now? Had read her blog and came to know that she finally fulfil part of her wish which is to teach dancing.. Well, she is teaching pole dance now. Let me tell you, her pole dance is marvellous.. If anyone wanna learn pls email to me so I can pass you guys her contact info. Came to know also that she is not feeling good. She seems upset by some issue. Hope she will be fine soon.

Tomorrow actually I am on leave but was thining if I should cancel my leave and go back to work. I am too bored at home. I need to start doing something. Alright, I shall go watch TV le.. Need to think properly to think if I want to go work..



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