Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 2 without Hubby

Damn damn "sway".. Its really so so unlucky day for me. Yesterday had went market with mum to buy some stuffs to prepare my lunch. Mum will not be at home so I have to settle my lunch myself. Everything runs smoothly till night falls in.

While I was doing my nails, the lights suddenly went off. I tried to on the other lights but fail. I've ask my younger brother to help but he is another damn nerd like me.. Hahaha! Out of no choice, I have to call hubby for SOS. After some meddling, it is to no avail. He told me not to on the light in case the whole house trip.

Today, hubby called up in the morning to ensure everything is okie. He told me that he will be back home tomorrow evening. He had told his manager that he have to go home early cos things happen at home. As for the bus ticket, he have to pay for himself. Waste money cos of me again. But in anyway thank god that he is back in another day. Like I always say, a family without a man is hard to manage. Looking so much forward for hubby's return. Hope he will be save alone travelling back home.. He is such a dear to me..

P/S : Nothing in this world is so important like you to me. You are my THE ONE! LOVE YA!!

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