Saturday, September 12, 2009

My 1st Day without Hubby

Many people may think what is that so big deal about not having hubby around. Some may even think that's great cos I may have my own time for myself. For me, I have been with hubby for the past 10 years. After marriage life, we have not leave each other alone other then working. Probably, he have pampered me too much and thus I'm too rely on him.. Having to move around without him around is tough.

Well, 1st day without him already create myself too much problem. Yesterday, I went to work myself and I actually took the wrong train. Damn pig head right. I took the Northeast line to Dobhy Ghaut and transfer to the North line. I am suppose to take the train which move towards Woodlands, but I ended up in the train towards Marina Bay.. Damn "gong gong" lor. What to do.. Too long never take public transport lor.. Have to change back to the correct direction. After reaching office, my foot ache like hell. Another problem coming up.. Have to go back is another headache. Lucky for me to have a nice colleague Pui Tin. She went for dinner with me and then send me back to the correct bus station ensuring that I will not lost my way. I really thank god for giving a such a nice lady to be my friend and colleague.

Hubby called me around 10pm as promise. But he apologise to me once I pick up the phone. I was like so worried what have he done to make him say sorry? Hahahaha.. Actually it was because he went drinking with his managers which I told him not too.. He is just so funny.. We chatted for awhile and later hung up..

Its only first day and I notice that he is already part of my life. I can't imagine if down the road I were to lost him, what should I do.. Starting to miss him liao, can't wait for him to come back. Wondering what is he doing now and is he missing me too??

P/S: Love ya Dear!!!

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