Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Been Sometime

Hey peeps! It's been sometime that I've been MIA from my blog.. Recently had been really busy with my office work. Need to clear the bad lots fast as one of my colleague is going for her maternity leave soon.

Hubby is going to KL for his business trip with both of his managers.. Sigh.. A little worried abt him being alone overseas especially with 2 other men who don't really behave. Guess have to check him out a little tight ba.. Having worry that he might injured himself while working, worry that he might not take his meals regularly and many many other worries. He is a big boy to me.. A big big dear boy to me..

Feeling guilty for the past few weeks. I've promise Yvonne that I will sure never miss her baptism but end up still I didn't attend. Feeling very bad and can't help but thinking if she will be disappointed with me as a bestie and yet did not attend. "GAL, So So So So Sorry... Pls forgive me for missing out." Hope you will forgive me wor...

Oh yah! I'm going holiday on October loh.. Tioman is the place I've always wanted to go. The beach, the sun and nvr to miss the snorkeling.. Counting down in another 3 more weeks to go. Alright gonna sign off now.. Shall be a short post.

P/S : Gal, sorry for making you disappointed. Hope to have time for a little catch up ba..

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