Friday, November 20, 2009

Dinner & Dance (KFC)

Wednesday is the Annual Dinner & Dance for KFC. This year is a little special. We had it at Sentosa. Yes! Sentosa!! It's a brand new experience. Dumping the usual 10 course meal. This time we are having buffet instead.

We reach Sentosa abt 1830hrs and took a bus to our venue. First we are welcome by our very own Hawaiian girls and the sea breeze. Then we were lead to our seats and wait for the event to start.

This is me.. Hahaha.. Casual wear for the first time.

To kick off the start, it's the fireworks. Never thought that we can have our very own fireworks. I just love fireworks. Here's a short video taken by myself.

Next is the very important soul of the event. The MC! Yes! Justin is our MC.. He is best MC is so far. He is damn funny and we just love the way he cracks his joke. I think no one can beat him... Maybe, just maybe, I'm mountain turtle, never had the chance to see other better MC. But till my life now, I feel that he is the best for now. Coming up is the buffet dinner. Not very sumptuous and rather messy.. Not really well organise on the food.

The organiser had organise a little competition "You think you can dance well". Ermm.. Well for me, I think this section is the worst part. Cos its rather boring. Perhaps the real reason is that they are not professional enough.

Ending part is the most exciting part. It's the top 10 lucky draw. Top prize is a Yamaha motor bike. Other prizes are like Apple Ipod, few LCD TVs, Nitendo Wii, Trip to HongKong. But non of these land on my hand. Guess lady luck is not on my side. Wait for next year ba. Try harder! Sorry for not taking more photos.



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