Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not a good start for 2010

I think Year 2010 may not be a good year for me.. Ever since it started, I've been on the roller coaster. Nothing seems running well for me. Be it for health, wealth or career.. I've always been feeling blue for the past 1 month. Nothing excites me at all..

Thought of planning a short getaway but don't know where to go.. With little money and yet want to have holiday.. Stupid me right.. Want holiday and yet no money to go.. Arrgghhh... I REALLY NEED A HOLIDAY!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I hope it will be a good break for me. But before the nice break, me and hubby have to clean up the whole house and clear the mess.. There are simply so many things to do. Shop for our new clothings, shop for CNY goodies, need to get my hair colour done up, get Niki groom and many others more.. With only 1 week left, how to complete.

Alright need to get back to my work liao.



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