Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hubby's Great Imagination

Few days back ago, me and my dear hubby was chatting in the van. We are talking about driving in Singapore. The topic was how people was driving now a day. That day, we had come across a few drivers which drive so recklessly. They will just cut into the lane and just drive slowly after that..

So, hubby's imagination runs wild again.. Hahahaha.. The thought of it can't make me stop laughing. He said that his company van is rather power. If he shift gear and accelerate, the van will accelerate very fast. He too said that if the van have more than 4 gears, say like example 10 gears. The van will have enough power to take off like a plane. We only need to fit in the wings like the plane and it will fly like one. He too said that if in future, there is this "flying car" there will be no more road accident but air accident. If the "air accident" really happens, we doubt that there will be any survivors unlike road accident. Ermm.. He said by then the word "car crash in the air" (as in like plane crash) will be so commonly use.. Then laughter breaks in.. he is really my dearest dear.. He never fail to crack stupid joke to make my day.

This post is rather lame but no choice, I wanna write this down to remember every single thing he do. Again, he is the very dear to me. I am so happy to have a hubby like him. He is simply so thoughtful and so love me. He just make my life bright.

I hope that everyone will learn to love the one who is always by your side. Nevertheless, always learn to appreciate them! Alright shall sign off from here ba.. Good night.



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