Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting Ready for New Year

It's Saturday today. Although, I do not need to go work but I am fully packed today. As I said in my heading, Chinese New Year(CNY) is around the corner. Me and hubby have to clean our nest up. It's 2nd time we celebrate CNY in our nest. So it's the first time we do a spring cleaning.

Woke up at 10 in the morning preparing to go for my hair colouring.. My hair is in a mess, the black hair grows out really fast and the colour really sucks. Had my new hair colour done. Ermm, I would say its a 3 colour. Base is the brown colour, strips are red and blond. Took few pictures of myself.

My eye bags are too big.. All thanks to my sleepless night. I haven't been sleeping very well lately, keep waking up in the middle of the night. Gosh! I guess I really need to pop in some sleeping pills to keep myself sleep throughout the night. Alright back to my stuff..

After colouring at around 3pm, we both went back home to start with our spring cleaning. Although hubby had took leave yesterday to clean up but he only managed to clean the 3 bedrooms and living room. So today, he cleaned both toilets and for me, I clean up the cabinets. At around 5 pm, we head out to bring Niki for his grooming.

While waiting for Niki to get ready, we went shopping @ Northpoint. Wow! The shopping mall had really change alot. Much more bigger and with more retail brands. Well, we pass by Pet Lovers and decided to buy one jumper for Niki. Planning to bring him out to visit my relatives.. Hahaha... He is my son, I wonder if he gets his angboas.. Wahahahaha!!! We went back to the pet shop to fetch Niki home after shopping.

He is damn cute lor. With his jumper and his addias shirt.. So cute looking.. Here are some of his pics.

Isn't he is so cute.. He is such a darling to us..

Another photo of Niki & Me..

Well here's the end of my day for today.. Tomorrow more to go for tomorrow... Arrgghhh... Gonna be tired tomorrow..


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