Friday, March 5, 2010

Chinese New Year

It's been some time after Chinese New Year and I know I'm a little slow in updating this blog. Chinese New Year period is a really busy time for me. Having to go Malaysia to buy my favourite cookies and my inner beauty. Then I have to shop for my new clothings, shoes and bag. Oh!! And never to forget our reunion dinner food. Me and hubby also have a habit of meeting up with the gang for jalan jalan at the River Ang Bao after our reunion dinner. Here are some photos and a video clip of the day.

The Big God of Fortune
Hubby and Royce actually waited for the God of Fortune to sprinkle the golden numbers down and ofcos they manage to gather all the numbers they wanted.. Hahahaha!! So cute of them..

That's Vincent and Geling with the kids.

Me and Hubby both in Red.. Waahaha!
2 big ang baos walking on the street of River Ang Bao!

The Kiddies. From left to right, Ryna, Natasha and Ryan

Here is the fireworks video.

Alright. Shall finish here. Will update further..


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