Monday, November 29, 2010

My Appraisal

Finally, the year is nearing to come to an end. Can't wait for the letter to come soon.

Boss had called me in this afternoon to talk about my appraisal. Basically, she had no issue and the points she gave me was almost the same as last year. Other than a few more criteria was added.

What caught me in surprise was a question she put to me. Pardon me for not able to disclose the question she had ask me. Probably if you wanna know, pm me and maybe I may disclose to ya.. Hehehehe.. Infact, I do not know how to answer the question she put across to me cos I, myself didn't have to answer too. So I told her, if she have got the answer, probably she could let me know.

Since the appraisal had been sign, I believe that the bonus letter will be here anytime. This is the time where we are looking forward. After so much of hardships, finally its been paid off.

This Saturday will be going to Malaysia for the company DND. I hope everything runs well and will be a fruitful and happy one. I wish this trip will change the bad to the good.

P/S : God loves me like he loves everyone. But he is always giving us test to go thru. I hope I will pass the test that god had given me..

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