Monday, March 15, 2010

New Layout for 2010

Yes! Finally! I've completed my new layout for my blog... Concept from my dear friend Princess Yvonne.. Hahahaha.. Opps! Later she say I copy cat. Trying to do it differently from hers.. Had spend 2 nights doing the coding. Not very good at it but just doing some copy here and there. Hope it runs well.*cross my fingers* If it does not load properly, you guys gotta let me know abt it. So I can look into it again.

Now, I have a new blog layout. My life too have come to a new plan. I've learn to take things even more easily. Can't get the things I want it now, then I shall wait patiently. I believe god will give me the chance sooner or later. Don't be bothered then I will not be so stress about it.

CNY had officially ended today. Tomorrow will be a brand lunar month. Times flies really fast. I've been in my new job for a year this end of March.. Happy so far. Who doesn't have complain? Everyone have it! Next month there will be a new colleague coming in. Can't wait to see if sparks comes in or another way round. Pray for the best ofcos. Had been on a tiring pace for the past few months. Having her around, I believe everything will run smoothly.

Talking abt tired pace. I am thinking of having a short trip during my birthday period. Thinking of going BangKok with Princess Yvonne and her BF. But that depends on how much to spend in total. Cos I've another plan coming up on November this year. To a place where I hunger for. But can't confirm the trip cos I need to see if I'm able to save up for mine and hubby expenses. If situation don't allow me to do so. Prolly, will be planning for a Genting or Batam trip.. I need a holiday badly.

Oh yah! Have anyone been to our brand new Universal Studio. Can anyone tell me how to buy the trix. How much is the trix? And ofcos, is the rides packed with long queue? Pls leave comment if you guys have any info. Can't wait for all my plans to come fast.

P/S : To wait for what you wanna and you'll get it in no time.



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