Monday, November 29, 2010

Such A Long Time

I've not been updating my blog for donkey years. And I think I should start doing it.. How can I leave my blog unattended... Wahahaha..

Tiger year is not a good year for me. And I'm glad that its going to be over soon. Ermmm, say like another 2 mths more to go. Life has been up and down. Especially in my working life. It don't seem to go the way I wanted it to be. Guess maybe its time for me to go to another stage of my life. From sweet to sour and maybe to bitter. It really hurts me alot. I hope this thunder storm will be over soon and hope the sun will shine after that.

Good that, there is one good thing that happen ard me. Yvonne finally got married. She finally found her Prince Charming. Glad that she had finally found the one and only one. Hope Ben will love and give her the tender love. Yvonne! I wish you have a blissful marriage..

Woot.. There are so many many things that I wanna pen down. But still I need to keep away for certain things. I do not wanna things to get worst..

Alright. I'm gonna go sleep le. Still feeling weak from my flu and cough. Even though after 2 days of MC, I'm still not getting any better, its getting worst I guess.

P/S : Mr Flu and Ms Cough, pls go away. Allow me to recover soon. The heart is still bleeding. I hope everything will change for good.

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