Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've been working in my current company for abt a year plus. Everything have already settled down and I'm sitting comfortably or I should say I'm more stable. I've been putting in all my best to absorb whatever I can learn and is getting a little exhausted.

  It's not easy to work in my company. One need to work like a octopus or I should say like a monster. People who work in my department need to have 4 pairs of hand, 4 brains, 4 pairs of eyes, 4 pairs of ears, 1 mouth. Having the need to split ourself into several pieces in order to complete our heavy loaded job. Haiz.. Really need to have a break from it..

  This saturday is our company family day. We are going to the Zoo.. I hope I can win the lucky draw.. At least make the day worthwhile. Holidays will be in my plan within the next few months. Hoping to have a completely relaxing break. Any suggestion. We planning for a beach holiday. We need a nice beach to laze on, clear waters to swim in. If can snorkel will be the perfect match. Oh.. Yes! We need to have a nice massage with all the sea sports available. Never to miss out stuffs like banana boat, para-sailing and etc. Common peeps, give me some ideas.

  Can't wait for my plan holidays to set sail..

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