Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's My Bithday

It's my birthday yesterday. Sad to say that I have lotsa of things haven't done yet. Things like changing my blogskin is still dangling around in my fingertips..

I've celebrated my 27th birthday last Saturday with a few of my close friends @ home having steam boat. I must thank them for giving me a wonderful birthday party. Having gathering around the table, munching the food, gossiping behind people's back (Yvonne, you know what I am talking about huh..), talking nonsense stuffs are an enjoyable things to do. Oh.. I must thank them for the birthday presents too.. This year I have received a Addidas Watch, a red sling bag, a mug, a hong bao and a perfume, and the most importantly is I really love it all.. Actually had taken some photos and shall upload it when I have the time. Too busy with my Hongkong drama series (that's the reason behind the lacking of sleep..) :p

On Sunday, didn't do anything. Basically "nuahing" at home and went back to mum's house for late lunch and dinner.

On Monday had meet up with Justin, Shanna and Jenny for a birthday dinner. Ofcos mine and another one is Jenny.. Forgot to wish her too.. Happy Birthday Jenny!! We went to a Japanese restaurant for a ala-crate buffet. Again, we started to talk nonsense. This is us when we are in secondary school days. Talking nonsense and laugh loudly is mine and Shanna's hobby.. *giggle* Pictures taken by Jenny and was send to me via facebook.. That's why I can upload the photo here.. Now let the pictures do the talking.

Food there was not bad one but the service is bad.. Expecting a higher service but wasn't given. Not really worth of money. I personally thinks that Sakae sushi's buffet would be a better spread.
On 28th May, it's my actually day of birthday. When the clock strike 12 am sharply, hubby called me over my phone (I was working in KFC @ that time). He actually sang a birthday song for me (Chinese and English version). At that point of time, I was like.... floating up to Mars. Yes, I know you may think that what's that special to be happy about.. But do you know, if your love one does a surprise for you, be it a mushy one or a childish one, you will still feel happy and sweet about it. At least I know I am standing in a place where is so near to the core of hubby's heart. In short, I am his everything.. Thanks dear I love you so much.. Back to topic, the next person to sms me with blessing is May than followed by Alif.. I must really thank them for remembering my birthday.. It's really happy to know that at least there are more than one person who are concern about me. No special meal was planned by hubby for the actual day as mum wants us to go home and have dinner. We headed home for dinner after work. Yes, I still have to work.. Mum gave me a surprise by cooking 2 hard boiled eggs except for the mee sua cos I don't really take that. Thanks mum! After dinner, hubby gave me another surprise again, this time is my gift. Never had I expected to receive a present from him cos he already spend rather alot for the Saturday party. He have given me a PSP slim.. Yay! Yay! Finally owe a PSP.
No luxious dinner, no hard core partying, just a simple meal with my family members and friends is more then enough. Hoping nothing will not change next year. XOXO Hubby, Mummy, Yvonne, Karen, Serene, Royce, Victor, Yibin, Vincent Ng, Vincent Tan, Geling, Justin, Shanna, Jenny, Alif, May, Rina, Yuxiang, Leo and many more who had send me ur blessing.. May god bless you guys too...

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My mum's most painful day is nearing

Like my title of this post, the day where my mum suffer the most is nearing. YES! It's my birthday. Nothing special after I celebrated my 21st birthday.. It's getting more and more scary you know.. The nearing of big 3 in few years time is freaking me.. I have not achieve any big ambition of mine and I'm nearing to the big 3..

Had celebrated on last Sat, shall update about it with pictures in the next post. And had another celebration or should I say a gathering of old school mates for a sushi buffet. Shall also talk more about it on another post.. Now, I just wanna know how long more to stay 26...

Wondering what's up with mum? Asking me to go back for dinner wor.. Hmm..

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Holiday Treats for myself?

Savoury my last holiday onboard cruise Superstar Virgro with a group of friends on last year October. It is already May in a brand new year, I have yet been to any holiday. It's not the usual me, I would take a rest once every 3 mths for either a short trip to Malaysia or went onboard with friends. Reasons for not planning any holiday is partly cos my house needs money to renovate and I have to save up for it. After renovation, I have no more money to holiday. And furthermore, me and my friends are planning for a trip to somewhere where we can see snow during December.

But, but.. I really need a break after 6 mths of work. My energy level is getting low and I need a recharge. Taking out the world map, looking into it and there it goes.. My dreamy mind brought me to Europe.. Oh yes.. Europe was one of the category we plan to visit this December other than the choice to Japan & Korea.. Well, no harm in finding out the cost to Europe although I know that we can never visit that fantastic country. Searching online for the country Europe and I found a page of Ireland. Curiously, I click in to see what kinda surprise I would get from this place called Ireland. This beautiful place is a heaven place for me to recharge for sure, from its city, Cork, Dublin to Shannon, all have beautiful scenery.. Gosh..!! When on earth can I actually fly over to feel it myself.. Look for yourself, isn't it beautiful?
Doing a deeper result, I found this website - Cheaper Than They are offering cheap hotel rates in Ireland, places like Dublin, Cork & Shannon.

Simple and easy access to check on price and booking ofcos.

One of the hotel in Shannon

One of the hotel in Dublin.

Hotel in Cork.

Woah!! Their hotels are all so classic look, as if one is living in a castle as a prince or princess.. Hmmm... I must visit Ireland at least once in my lifetime. If not I will regret for missing the nice scenery. For now, I need to take a short nap, dreaming of going there first to fulfil my urge for holiday.

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Wanna change my blog look!

Have been using this layout or rather say blogskin for the past 3 mths and I am getting abit bored on my own blog. Thinking I should maybe change the blogskin for my blog and refresh myself and the same time my readers.

Went to Blogskin to find a suitable blogskin for my blog, but can't find one that really suits me. Its either not the colour I want or the blogskin doesn't contain comments section. Well well, its not the end, ofcos I went to check on Princessa's creation. And ofcos I found 1, 2 or even 3 creations I like. Now I need to have the time to shift the stuffs from the old blogskin to the new one.. Wondering how long would I take this time round..

Stay tune and I shall get it done soon.. Hope to do it before my birthday = by next Wed. Hehehe..


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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Episode 3 of Blogger's Treat - Geek Goddess aka Estee

Yah yah.. I know I am really late in this post. Too busy recently. Alright, now proudly present you the 3rd episode of Blogger's Treat @ Geek Terminal.

Host - Princessa aka Sabrina
Guest Host - Geek Goddess aka Estee Teo

Hmmm.. Looks a great place to "nuah". Have been hearing the name of Geek Terminal but always have no chance to drop by. This time round, the eatery is located rather in the central and I should be able to visit there with my staffs (little brats) for our gathering.. *Mumbling to own self* Hey boss! Can I have a discount if I bring a group for a gathering to your place? Hehe.. I love their cuppacino. So smoothy and so pattern liao liao.. "Princessa, does it taste better than Coffee Bean or Star Bucks??"

Guys and gals, once again if you have any place to recommend and if you are a blogger, do drop Blogger's Treat Crew a message to their facebook. Oh! One more thing, Princessa don't bite... *Wink*

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Randoms for 21/05/2008

Pictures, pictures and more pictures..

We went to Swensens Compasspoint. Rather pack with dinner diners. One of the server is rather rude.. For the service I would only give 4 thumbs out of 10.

Ambience of the restaurant. Abit dark.. I don't dare to use the flash light.. So many ppl looking at me when I take photos. Ambiance I would give 5 thumbs only.

The ice-cream we had ordered. Its Macadamia nuts... I would give 6 thumbs out of 10.

*Shrupp* Look how yummy it it.. I wish I could have one now..

Hubby enjoying the Ice-Cream.

Me & hubby @ Swensens Compasspoint. Using the front camera of N95. Megapixel abit lousy.

KTV session with Leo, Rina, Sherard, Victor & Karen. That's Leo, "God of Singer"

That's Karen. So shy. Don't really like to take photo.

From left, Rina, Sherard and Leo "God of Singer"

From Left, Leo "God of Singer", Karen and ME!

Me and Rina

Snap shot of Sherard and Rina.

Alright what I am going to say now is all purely my own subjective towards this KTV lounge. Was rather pissed off the last visit to KBOX which is located @ Marina Square. The service sucks. Damn sucks. You may refer to my friendster's blog if is still around. Again, I brace myself to visit them again @ Ang Mo Kio branch. This time around they pissed me off again. With the farking menu as shown above (I am not supposed to take it.. But I don't give it a damn. Cos I am farking pissed off. Anyway no proof to say its there menu. I do it in a smart way one). When we are ordering the drinks, the server says they Freezie Series had to pay another $1.00 more but for the package drinks it is included. So we tried not to order the freeze cos ladies nite no package drinks but the guys have it and so Sherard ordered one to drink. When the bill comes in, I was shocked. I ask the server, why is there additional $1.00 charge. (Look here! Its not the matter of $1.00, I can still afford paying that $1.00. It's just the way they explain, the way they recover). Then the server replied, " Oh madam, its stated all in the menu right at the bottom. I think you heard wrongly." (The clause was farking tiny and the farking lightings was too dim. Who the fark can read the farking clause. Don't talk cork to me please. I am not an idiot like any others. Then, when I question back. If that's the case why put the menu as package drink, if the clause states " $1.00 top for freezie series for all package drinks". Then why ala-crate order still have to pay to $1.00 more. The server at this point of time was dumb folded and just smile thru. If that's really the case for topping up for both the package drinks and ala-crate order, why not change the whole menu? At this point of time, I feel like writing to main office to their director to make a hooha out of it. They simply turn me off. Yah! I know. With my consuming or not, it won't affect their biz.But for sure, I will not recommend my friends or even readers here to visit them.Cos they don't worth it at all. Service - Nil thumbs credited to them.. If I could give a negative.. Maybe a -3 for them.

Went for lunch with my KFC stuffs and managers after a training @ Swensens Thomson Plaza.

Mum and Daniel @ Mirama Hotel Chinese Restaurant for Dim Sum Buffet. (For Mother's Day Celebration)

My Sis Belinda, Daniel and Liza

Daniel posing for me to take photos. Look like Ella mah?

My Brother Raymond and hubby

A little account on what happen for the Dim Sum Buffet. Venue : Mirama Hotel (Opp. Riverview Hotel) Chinese Restaurant (Orient - If I can still recall the name). Ambiance - 3 thumbs. Food - 6 thumbs. Service - 2 thumbs. The food there is still acceptable other then few dim sums are more on the salty side. Portion served is rather big and could fully feel our stomach. Mine nearly burst. Hmm ambiance wise, no much comment, its a restaurant which also holds wedding dinners, so the interior is not bad lah. Service, sucks again. I, myself is in service line both in full time and part time job. Naturally for me to expect more from them. But this time round, my brother-in-law agrees with me.. So surprisingly!! First when my sis and her family reached the restaurant, they were lead to a isolated seat. Immediately, my brother-in-law ask if we could have a better seat. To my brother-in-law surprise, the manager replied rudely. "No more seat liao! Only left here only!" and the manager walk off without 2nd words. Then my brother-in-law ask another waitress for changing of seats and this time round, the waitress swap us to a better seats without grumbling. Next was my turn, when we reach there, we went to take the food as it was supposed to be buffet dim sum. We went to the food corner, only to realise that it was all grab up and I merely ask hubby how come no more food liao. Then a voice shout from our back. "Ms have to wait de mah. So many ppl. My cook needs time to cook de mah!" I was like huh.. You talking to me in this way. I am the customer and I was talking to my hubby not to you lor.. I am not even complaining anything and what has it got to do with you.. Farking idiots. Once again, its their manager.. The restaurants employed morons manager and smart stuff... That's is also the reason why they are still given 2 thumbs for the service. All thanks to the waiter and waitress and not the farking managers.. Oh one of the manager name is Sean Ng.. (I hope that he hopes read blog and happen to come to my blog. Hey! Mr Sean, pls look into your attitude in talking to ur customer. As a manager you should be ashamed of urself. If you can't handle the crowd to your restaurant, I would suggest you to quit and find a place where can offer u peaceful and highly paid.)..

Brand new DVD for sales. With warranty card.. Email me for more details.

Phew!! Finally finish the whole posting.. Need to head to my work liao.. Tataz

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It's just around the corner

My birthday is just around the corner. Just like Yvonne, I did not have any plannings for it this year. I am like in lost track of date & time. I just gave it a clean for my birthday. It's just next wed and yet I am still sitting on it.. Hubby had help me sms several of the close friends for dinner @ home (Steamboat) and probably will have a pool competition and a mahjong session.

Everything had been confirm and finalize.. All thanks to hubby and my effort to send out the sms.. Not all had replied but its okie.. I know they are busy.. (YOU KNOW WHO U ARE)..

Now only need to wait for Saturday to get everything prepared... Yummy.. Steamboat and my homemade sushi.. *Wink*

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life is....

Life is short. Life is full of fun. Life is bright and full of hopes. Life is miserables. Life is grey. These are different people with a different thinkings on LIFE. Lots of things happen to my surrounding friends recently. Be it my family, my friends or my colleague. Seeing & hearing is all the misfortunes things, I begin to re-think, what is actually life? What should we do to make it a easier life for oneself? How to face the worst of the worst scenarios?

A friend of my friend lost his dad in a serious accident and till now, I supposed that he is coping fine with the burden of the family. He is the sole bread-winner of the house now. All the money money issue lays on him now. Pity him? No. Please don't pity him. You may feel sad for him but not pity him cos he is stronger as before now (I supposed). Another friend of mine is always so called "sway" (bad luck). Basically, bad things always happen to her. I mean really bad things. But she is always that strong enough to pull through and I salute her. One thing is that it seems she is getting more and more tired of her life being like this. Meaning, she is getting weaker to handle her war against her life.

Hmmm.. Recalling back.. *Zoooommmm* Back to the day I was born May 28. When I was about to be delivered, my dad rush to the hospital to see mum and me. But dad ended up staying in another hospital. (Due to an accident). From the day onwards, I was a jinx to dad. Life when I was young was lousy. Whatever I wanna, would ended up in my younger brother's hand. Whatever naughty stuffs my younger brother did, it was always me who kanna.. Yes! Tied up with a string attached to the ceiling board, standing on a stool, get wrack by a cane. If I try to run, I would fall off the stool and "shooozz" the string tied to my hands will tighten and caught me hanging in the mid air. I am even chase out of the house at the tender age of 4. Feeling chilled till my neighbour came back seeing me sitting at my doorstep. He knocked at my door, demanding my dad to let me in and ofcos finally I was let in. I am always his venting machine. He would always punished me if my younger brother did something wrong or even when he is in foul mood. Then one fine day, he fall to his death infront of my eyes. I am shocked. I feel lost. Luckily, I still have my boyfriend whom is now my hubby around. He call for ambulance and keeping closed to dad. But it was too late. Dad is pronounce dead. At that time, my mind was completely blank. Lots of people ask me, " Isn't it good that your dad has pass away? At least you do not need to face the fierce face of his." My answer to them. NO! He is my dad afterall. I always belief that he have his own reason to treat me like this. This was the time where I am lost. I nearly go berserk, still remember I was suffering from depression. All thanks to my friends and hubby. They are so supportive to me and encouraging me to face the reality in life. Lucky, I managed to walk out of the darkest of my life. With all the shits happening to me, I came to understand the word LIFE more. One need to be strong inorder to run through all the obstacles create by the environment or "GOD". Always be optimistic to look at the world you are facing. The earth is still turning, life still goes on be it you are happy or sad. Why not choose to be happy with your life rather than blaming this and that not fair.

Live life to the fullest is what one should do. Be it a nasty or happy ending one, we should be strong and positive to face it. Always remember, you are not living in the worst life. There are more people outside this world suffering 10 times of what you are suffering now.. Be brave to face it, be brave to stand up where you have fall. Pour everything out if you have too. Find someone whom you trust to be your listening ear and this could really ease alot in your heart. myspace graphic comments

To me, change all annoys to happiness is to make your life easier.. I know its hard. But since I can why not you guys.. Give it a try!

P/S : Gal, I know recently you have been tough. And no one will understand how you feel. How hurt you are or even how afraid you are. But remember always think on the bright side and you still have your friends and kins around you to help you and willing to lend you their listening ears. *Wink*

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Friday, May 16, 2008

How can I forget?

Gosh! I actually have forgotten what I wanna blog. Actually, I should be blogging for the past few days but.... I simply too tired to do it. The moment I left office, either I went to KFC for my part time job till 1 am or go home straight, after dinner, I would head to the bed and snore.. I can't pull myself sitting infront of my lappy to start typing my post.. Haiz.. Now when I have the time, I had forgotten what to blog about.. Me getting older le ba.. Memories are getting for bad to worst..

Hmmm, let me recount what happen the last week.. Oooh yah! I remember! I wanna blog about my house warming and Mother's Day with mum. I am utterly sorry to you guys. Seriously, I am too busy till I forget to take photos. I had the camera prepared already but still I gave it a clean of mind. Now, I am very regret cos no more memories for this house warming.. *Sob sob*..

Although without photos, I shall write out the whole day event. Have slept for barely 5 hours and woke up on Sat morning @ 0930hrs. I was being pulled out of bed by hubby as we had lotsa things to do. After having our breakfast, we start off to clean up our house for the 2nd round. (Have done it the previous night but wanna maintain the cleanliness so have to re-do it again). To be honest, I have not been doing household chores ever since I've married to my hubby. All this while he had been doing it without a complaint. Now, for the sake of my new house and like I promised to hubby I will change into a new leaf, I have do up the laundry, sweep and mop the whole house. Please! Not only for the particular Saturday. I have been doing it the moment we moved in.

Around 1 plus, one of hubby's colleague came and left shortly after viewing our flat as she still have to go to work. Then after that around nearly 2pm, Justin came. He came with his mum.. Comment from Justin and auntie were good ones and our idea also help Justin in his house mini renovation.. "Justin, I need to charge you for consultation fee liao wor.. Or should I say copy right fee..Hahaha".. When 2:30pm strike, most of hubby's colleagues, friends, my friends and colleagues came. Here is the most tedious part where we have to entertain all our friends and they came at the same time around 7 plus. I was confused and lost, I totally do not know who to serve or entertain liao.. Some of the friends came and I still did not notice. I know this is bad but I can't help it.. Too many ppl came at a time.. The house is too small and I have only 2 hands and a mouth to use.. Arrggghhh..

Around 9 plus, friends and colleagues started to leave one by one. Leaving those little brats (Rina, Sherry, Yuxiang & Leo), Karen, Royce, Yibin and Victor from KFC de. They are staying back for playing pool and mahjong. Around 12 plus pass midnight, the little brats wanna leave after their games of pool. At this point of time, you must be thinking me and hubby is cleaning up the house.. Nah! Me, playing mahjong with the rest and hubby is resting his eyes. The rest of them were already sound asleep in my cosy living room. If I could still remember, they left our house @ around 5 plus in the morning for the first bus. Then woke up in the same morning just to clean up the whole mess created the previous night.. *Woot* This is really tough. Not easy to hold a house warming.. Luckily no need to work, if not, my bones will break for sure. After all, its finally over..

Last Sunday, we are supposed to go for a Dim Sum buffet spread with my sister and her family, but as my sister was busy with her exams, it ended up with me, Hubby and Mum. Mum sleep over @ our side the previous night and I brought her to Compasspoint to for a lunch. When we reach Compasspoint, we went to Sakura which a restaurant that serves Thai food. But, the price of the set meal was rather steep and the food was not worth of money. Then we went to other restaurant like Swensen's & Jack's Place. But the queue was so horrible. Damn long queue lor.. Now adays, Singaporean are getting more and more richer. We can all afford for a sumptuous meal in the restaurant. *Wink* We ended up @ the Food Court. No photos was taken, but overall spend around near $60.00 for the 3 of us. So you can imagine how nice our food is.. Keke.. After lunch, we went for a little shopping and then head home for a rest.

The next day is ofcos a working day and nothing much happen on that day. Still recalling hard anything happen.. Guess, I really need to upload my pictures for more memory refresh.. Well thinking I should end this post and hope to get myself sit infront of the PC to upload all my pictures and refresh my memories for more.. Pls bear with me for my laziness recently.. *bow*

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blogger's Treat - Episode 2

Finally. The long waiting episode 2 is finally out.. What I mean? I mean Blogger's Treat Episode 2 host by Princessa aka Sabrina and feature blogger Hillary Chan.. This time round, they bring us to Indian food store located @ Bedok Road.

Video extract from Princessa's blog.

Wow..*Drooling* Looks attractive and yummy... But Bedok is a little too far for me.. Hmmm... Maybe can consider to pop by one day for the foodies..

Wondering how they work out with the store owner to agree on recording? Wondering what a featured blogger should do or say during the recording?... Looking forward for more of the 3rd episode..

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Still kicking alive!

Don't worry guys and gals.. I am still kicking alive.. Wahaha.. Its just only that I have no time to get update since my house warming and you guys and gals are satisfied with my explanation. Have been really tired, sleepy and busy for the past few days. Shall get update on my house warming soon..

Hmm.. Going for KTV today @ Ang Mo Kio.. But I am starting to feel sleepy liao... *Siao Liao*...

Alright stop here.. Shall go for a little nap and chiong of paper work later.


Friday, May 2, 2008

My Labour Day

My housing warming is nearing in another 2 more days. Supposed to clean up the house and get things prepared for the final day.. But hey! Isn't today Labour Day? Labourers are supposed to rest and relax.. So, I told hubby, " Dear, today is Labour Day lei. Ain't we supposed to take a rest and nuah @ home. So can we give a miss in cleaning the house today?" Hubby :"Okie lor, let's nuah today ba.." Yipppeeee!!! My reason is accepted by my higher authority.. Kekeke.. Me and my stupid nonsense again..

This morning went for a show @ 0210hrs. It's the 2 Js show.. I've said it before, me not going to miss it.. Nice show.. It's funny, excited and full of their Kongfus.. Thou, I felt abit weird with the monks, Monkey God, the Heaven Emperor all speaks in English.. Imagine the immortals are all speaking in English. Kinda weird huh.. But overall, its worth spending $9.00 to watch.. Reached home around 5am and head to bed straight. Work up @ 12 plus in the noon as I have meet my mum to go Toa Payoh "Chen Huang" Temple to pray.

After praying, we headed to Hougang Point for our breakfast cum lunch. Forget to take photos. Anyway foods there are not really nice.. Oh talking about foodies.. Finally Blogger's Treat are offically launch.. Here's the video of Daphne & Lan Zhou La Mian.

Extracted from Princessa's Blog.

Yum yumm.. Looks yummy and according to Daphne's blog, she had given the Minced Pork with Bean Sauce Noodle lotsa kisses.. That noodle must be very nice.. Shall head down for a try if I have the chance.. Remember, I will never miss any best food om town. Speaking of the episode, I'm having the urge to submit myself and show the rest of the bloggers where I eat... BUT.. BUT.. Yah Yah! Blame myself.. I am too shy liao.. Hahaha.. of cos not.. I am still looking out for the best of the best in my list to share with the bloggers.. I can't simply recommend food which not everyone loves it right? Alright let me go think about it first...

Back to my original topic.. After having my lunch, we headed home and sleep.. Yes! We sleep again. Too tired liao.. Woke up @ 9 pm, hubby went to buy our dinner.. And now, after my dinner, I am typing this post.. Hahaha.. Alright that's all for my Labour Day, a boring life I had right. Hmm... Hold on tight for my house warming post ba. Shall update all the photos taken on that day.. Tataz..

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Dinner @ Jalan Kayu

A slow post.. Supposed to post it on Sunday night but only do it today.. Hehehe.. A lazy pig indeed.

Had our dinner on last Sunday @ one of the prata shop in Jalan Kayu. The food there I should say is nice. Not very nice but nice and I encourage you guys (if anyone is reading this post) to give it a try. If given 1o thumbs for full marks, I would give around 7 for it. Service there is fast. Yes! I mean fast. We ordered 2 pratas, one egg and one cheese with 2 nasi lemak and all the food came in less then 5 mins. And what's the main point, although the serving is fast, the food is pipping hot.. The prata is crispy and soft, the dough is not very thick, it's well balance with the egg or cheese.. The curry for the prata is thick and taste just nice... Don't worry, I won't extravagance things which is not true.. For the nasi lemak, the chicken wing is marinated with Indian spices and taste different.. Hmm hard to describe for this. Importantly, the wing is crispy and tender. The rice come with fish and egg..

Sorry that we did not take any photo for the food, but took some after we taken the food and the place.. Now let the photos do the talking.

Bus stop next to the Prata Shop

Bus no. to the Prata Shop in Jalan Kayu

The Prata shop

The Name of the prata shop

Look how crowded when its only around 5 plus in the evening.

Wow! So many workers.. No wonder so fast service.

That's Hubby with thumbs up.

Our left overs.. Too hungry and forget to take the photos before we eat

Me with the Longan drink

Yummy.. So have you decided to try it?.. Go ahead..

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