Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My mum's most painful day is nearing

Like my title of this post, the day where my mum suffer the most is nearing. YES! It's my birthday. Nothing special after I celebrated my 21st birthday.. It's getting more and more scary you know.. The nearing of big 3 in few years time is freaking me.. I have not achieve any big ambition of mine and I'm nearing to the big 3..

Had celebrated on last Sat, shall update about it with pictures in the next post. And had another celebration or should I say a gathering of old school mates for a sushi buffet. Shall also talk more about it on another post.. Now, I just wanna know how long more to stay 26...

Wondering what's up with mum? Asking me to go back for dinner wor.. Hmm..

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