Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Randoms for 21/05/2008

Pictures, pictures and more pictures..

We went to Swensens Compasspoint. Rather pack with dinner diners. One of the server is rather rude.. For the service I would only give 4 thumbs out of 10.

Ambience of the restaurant. Abit dark.. I don't dare to use the flash light.. So many ppl looking at me when I take photos. Ambiance I would give 5 thumbs only.

The ice-cream we had ordered. Its Macadamia nuts... I would give 6 thumbs out of 10.

*Shrupp* Look how yummy it it.. I wish I could have one now..

Hubby enjoying the Ice-Cream.

Me & hubby @ Swensens Compasspoint. Using the front camera of N95. Megapixel abit lousy.

KTV session with Leo, Rina, Sherard, Victor & Karen. That's Leo, "God of Singer"

That's Karen. So shy. Don't really like to take photo.

From left, Rina, Sherard and Leo "God of Singer"

From Left, Leo "God of Singer", Karen and ME!

Me and Rina

Snap shot of Sherard and Rina.

Alright what I am going to say now is all purely my own subjective towards this KTV lounge. Was rather pissed off the last visit to KBOX which is located @ Marina Square. The service sucks. Damn sucks. You may refer to my friendster's blog if is still around. Again, I brace myself to visit them again @ Ang Mo Kio branch. This time around they pissed me off again. With the farking menu as shown above (I am not supposed to take it.. But I don't give it a damn. Cos I am farking pissed off. Anyway no proof to say its there menu. I do it in a smart way one). When we are ordering the drinks, the server says they Freezie Series had to pay another $1.00 more but for the package drinks it is included. So we tried not to order the freeze cos ladies nite no package drinks but the guys have it and so Sherard ordered one to drink. When the bill comes in, I was shocked. I ask the server, why is there additional $1.00 charge. (Look here! Its not the matter of $1.00, I can still afford paying that $1.00. It's just the way they explain, the way they recover). Then the server replied, " Oh madam, its stated all in the menu right at the bottom. I think you heard wrongly." (The clause was farking tiny and the farking lightings was too dim. Who the fark can read the farking clause. Don't talk cork to me please. I am not an idiot like any others. Then, when I question back. If that's the case why put the menu as package drink, if the clause states " $1.00 top for freezie series for all package drinks". Then why ala-crate order still have to pay to $1.00 more. The server at this point of time was dumb folded and just smile thru. If that's really the case for topping up for both the package drinks and ala-crate order, why not change the whole menu? At this point of time, I feel like writing to main office to their director to make a hooha out of it. They simply turn me off. Yah! I know. With my consuming or not, it won't affect their biz.But for sure, I will not recommend my friends or even readers here to visit them.Cos they don't worth it at all. Service - Nil thumbs credited to them.. If I could give a negative.. Maybe a -3 for them.

Went for lunch with my KFC stuffs and managers after a training @ Swensens Thomson Plaza.

Mum and Daniel @ Mirama Hotel Chinese Restaurant for Dim Sum Buffet. (For Mother's Day Celebration)

My Sis Belinda, Daniel and Liza

Daniel posing for me to take photos. Look like Ella mah?

My Brother Raymond and hubby

A little account on what happen for the Dim Sum Buffet. Venue : Mirama Hotel (Opp. Riverview Hotel) Chinese Restaurant (Orient - If I can still recall the name). Ambiance - 3 thumbs. Food - 6 thumbs. Service - 2 thumbs. The food there is still acceptable other then few dim sums are more on the salty side. Portion served is rather big and could fully feel our stomach. Mine nearly burst. Hmm ambiance wise, no much comment, its a restaurant which also holds wedding dinners, so the interior is not bad lah. Service, sucks again. I, myself is in service line both in full time and part time job. Naturally for me to expect more from them. But this time round, my brother-in-law agrees with me.. So surprisingly!! First when my sis and her family reached the restaurant, they were lead to a isolated seat. Immediately, my brother-in-law ask if we could have a better seat. To my brother-in-law surprise, the manager replied rudely. "No more seat liao! Only left here only!" and the manager walk off without 2nd words. Then my brother-in-law ask another waitress for changing of seats and this time round, the waitress swap us to a better seats without grumbling. Next was my turn, when we reach there, we went to take the food as it was supposed to be buffet dim sum. We went to the food corner, only to realise that it was all grab up and I merely ask hubby how come no more food liao. Then a voice shout from our back. "Ms have to wait de mah. So many ppl. My cook needs time to cook de mah!" I was like huh.. You talking to me in this way. I am the customer and I was talking to my hubby not to you lor.. I am not even complaining anything and what has it got to do with you.. Farking idiots. Once again, its their manager.. The restaurants employed morons manager and smart stuff... That's is also the reason why they are still given 2 thumbs for the service. All thanks to the waiter and waitress and not the farking managers.. Oh one of the manager name is Sean Ng.. (I hope that he hopes read blog and happen to come to my blog. Hey! Mr Sean, pls look into your attitude in talking to ur customer. As a manager you should be ashamed of urself. If you can't handle the crowd to your restaurant, I would suggest you to quit and find a place where can offer u peaceful and highly paid.)..

Brand new DVD for sales. With warranty card.. Email me for more details.

Phew!! Finally finish the whole posting.. Need to head to my work liao.. Tataz

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