Friday, May 16, 2008

How can I forget?

Gosh! I actually have forgotten what I wanna blog. Actually, I should be blogging for the past few days but.... I simply too tired to do it. The moment I left office, either I went to KFC for my part time job till 1 am or go home straight, after dinner, I would head to the bed and snore.. I can't pull myself sitting infront of my lappy to start typing my post.. Haiz.. Now when I have the time, I had forgotten what to blog about.. Me getting older le ba.. Memories are getting for bad to worst..

Hmmm, let me recount what happen the last week.. Oooh yah! I remember! I wanna blog about my house warming and Mother's Day with mum. I am utterly sorry to you guys. Seriously, I am too busy till I forget to take photos. I had the camera prepared already but still I gave it a clean of mind. Now, I am very regret cos no more memories for this house warming.. *Sob sob*..

Although without photos, I shall write out the whole day event. Have slept for barely 5 hours and woke up on Sat morning @ 0930hrs. I was being pulled out of bed by hubby as we had lotsa things to do. After having our breakfast, we start off to clean up our house for the 2nd round. (Have done it the previous night but wanna maintain the cleanliness so have to re-do it again). To be honest, I have not been doing household chores ever since I've married to my hubby. All this while he had been doing it without a complaint. Now, for the sake of my new house and like I promised to hubby I will change into a new leaf, I have do up the laundry, sweep and mop the whole house. Please! Not only for the particular Saturday. I have been doing it the moment we moved in.

Around 1 plus, one of hubby's colleague came and left shortly after viewing our flat as she still have to go to work. Then after that around nearly 2pm, Justin came. He came with his mum.. Comment from Justin and auntie were good ones and our idea also help Justin in his house mini renovation.. "Justin, I need to charge you for consultation fee liao wor.. Or should I say copy right fee..Hahaha".. When 2:30pm strike, most of hubby's colleagues, friends, my friends and colleagues came. Here is the most tedious part where we have to entertain all our friends and they came at the same time around 7 plus. I was confused and lost, I totally do not know who to serve or entertain liao.. Some of the friends came and I still did not notice. I know this is bad but I can't help it.. Too many ppl came at a time.. The house is too small and I have only 2 hands and a mouth to use.. Arrggghhh..

Around 9 plus, friends and colleagues started to leave one by one. Leaving those little brats (Rina, Sherry, Yuxiang & Leo), Karen, Royce, Yibin and Victor from KFC de. They are staying back for playing pool and mahjong. Around 12 plus pass midnight, the little brats wanna leave after their games of pool. At this point of time, you must be thinking me and hubby is cleaning up the house.. Nah! Me, playing mahjong with the rest and hubby is resting his eyes. The rest of them were already sound asleep in my cosy living room. If I could still remember, they left our house @ around 5 plus in the morning for the first bus. Then woke up in the same morning just to clean up the whole mess created the previous night.. *Woot* This is really tough. Not easy to hold a house warming.. Luckily no need to work, if not, my bones will break for sure. After all, its finally over..

Last Sunday, we are supposed to go for a Dim Sum buffet spread with my sister and her family, but as my sister was busy with her exams, it ended up with me, Hubby and Mum. Mum sleep over @ our side the previous night and I brought her to Compasspoint to for a lunch. When we reach Compasspoint, we went to Sakura which a restaurant that serves Thai food. But, the price of the set meal was rather steep and the food was not worth of money. Then we went to other restaurant like Swensen's & Jack's Place. But the queue was so horrible. Damn long queue lor.. Now adays, Singaporean are getting more and more richer. We can all afford for a sumptuous meal in the restaurant. *Wink* We ended up @ the Food Court. No photos was taken, but overall spend around near $60.00 for the 3 of us. So you can imagine how nice our food is.. Keke.. After lunch, we went for a little shopping and then head home for a rest.

The next day is ofcos a working day and nothing much happen on that day. Still recalling hard anything happen.. Guess, I really need to upload my pictures for more memory refresh.. Well thinking I should end this post and hope to get myself sit infront of the PC to upload all my pictures and refresh my memories for more.. Pls bear with me for my laziness recently.. *bow*

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