Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Here

Had just woke up from my nap.. HAHAH.. Yah my night nap.. Facing the papers full of figures and words are simply straining my eyes and making me damn tired..

Basically, I have nothing to blog today, but I just simply wanna write something.. Hmmm.. Let me see if there is anything for me to blog... (10 mins gone... 20 mins gone.. 30 mins...) Hmm.. Alright let's talk abt my work ba..

Finally had ask my office that stuck up manager to buy an external hard drive as he is going for a meeting somewhere near Sim Lim Square. He had bought the external hard drive which is not compatible to our office PC. Guess what, my office is still using MS 98.. Laughing your ass of the chair right? What an antique software our company is using.. Back to the topic. So I had call my lady boss to discuss regarding this issue. I have requested to upgrade the stuck up manager PC to XP so would be easier in any way and my PC to change a hard disk as it have been using for quite sometimes le.. After the discussion, she said she will order a brand new Dell PC for him (the stuck up manager) and later to change a new hard disk. Later we discuss to change our system. Using Excel to do our office stuffs, we are currently using Word Star.. Hahaha.. Another antique right.. :) For changing our format of working, we have to do it one by one.. Meaning we have to discuss it slowly and trial it out.

Alright that's for all my nonsense post... Sorry to bored you guys.. Hahaha.. Will find better things to blog tomorrow ba.. Good night.. *wink*

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