Monday, April 21, 2008

I need IT badly!

Yes!! And I mean it.. It need it badly.. Really badly.. *Smirk*.. Hey! What are you thinking? Not get the wrong idea. I mean KTV.. Hehehe..

Have been really busy for the past few months and I have not been posting pictures. (all thanks to the time consume for uploading the pics.) Not to say relaxing myself. I think I really need to relax myself. Giving myself a holiday treat? (which I don't think so. I am really broke now.) Or I think I should treat myself and hubby to a KTV session. It's a cheaper way.. Hmmm probably, I wanna go this weekend ba...

I am saving up for my Korea trip this Novemeber.. But I hope to go for a simple holiday to Batam or Genting before the Korea trip.. FAT HOPE!! How can to have holiday, if I am in heavy debt.. BUT but but, I really wanna a short trip.. Anyone willing to sponsor me and hubby for the short trip? Or anyway to earn fast money (but it must be clean money and not betraying anyone including myself wor).

GOD! Pls "bo bi" my hubby "tio bay pio" soon.. And big one I mean pls...pls.. ;)

Tataz.. Gonna sleep liao... so tired le after clearing my stuffs.. ZZZZZZZ myspace graphic comments

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