Friday, April 18, 2008

Random myspace graphic comments

Realised that I haven't been loading photos recently. I had taken a few photos with my N95 and are still in the phone.. I am too lazy to load photos but guess will do in maybe by tonite.. (Hope So)..

Finally my house warming date is set. 3rd May is the day. With buffet lunch/dinner of 80 pax, hubby and me were still thinking if is enough for all my guest.. hmm.. Maybe shall get some spare food to standby..

Have been very tired recently. Can't sleep really well @ night for no reason too.. And I am really really really exhuasted.. Guess my engery have dried up, and this means, I need another holiday.. I seriously need another holiday.. Too tired.. Batam or Genting as a very short trip? Will see after house warming.

Hmm.. Guess have to stop here.. Boss is here liao and it's time for me to bury myself into the work..


Photos shall be update real soon.

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