Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finally the photos are up!

Finally, I have the time to upload the photos.. Enjoy it..

Ryan's Birthday Cake

Ryan.. This is Serene's son

Ryan cutting his birthday cake. Look at him.. So happy..
Frm left, Ryan, Ryna & Natasha

Natasha & Ryna

My new house corridor

My new house main door

The living room cum dining room.. Small right.

Kitchen area.. Angle taken from the living room

Kitchen again. Angle from the laundry service yard

Laundry service yard.. Angle from the kitchen
Common Toilet..

My mum's room

Mahjong room.. Nice view ya!!

Master Bedroom. Angle from the door..
Another angle of master bedroom

Master Bedroom.. Another angle.

Master Bedroom toilet

That's all folks.. ;)

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