Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Excuse me.. But is this Singapore

I was browsing Winnilicious's blog and came across her post which mention about a Disney Restaurant. Then she mentioned that it was Veron who being there and actually posted in her blogред So I decided to head to Veron's blog to get more details and info.

Well Well.. I could not believe that the Disney Theme restaurant is just located in a place near us.. SINGAPORE wor.. Hmmm.. It's rather tempting. GOSH! Mickey mouse and family is waving at me asking me to visit them one of these days. Wondering hubby will bring me there mah? Although, I haven't been to the place before but it seems so attractive not only to kids but also adults. At least it attracts me and Winnilicious. "Hey Shanna.. Remember to bring your daughter there wor.. Same goes to Serene and Esther.. Bring your kids there!"

Here's some of the menu and pictures. (Part of the details and photos are extracted from Milkfrost's Blog & Natsu's Blog.)

Supposed to be the entrance

Interior of the restaurant.

Hand Washing Bay area

The Menu.. So cute isn't it?

OMG!!! They also have show times wor...! Worthwhile.. Can eat and watch show @ the same time..

Some of the foods and drinks they served.

This place is definitely making me melts..Wondering if there is Winnie-The-Pooh bear and friends around anot. It will be my hangout place if Pooh bear can be found there.. I MUST visit this place one of these days. Maybe Sunday.. Hmmmm..

The address is @ :

Disney Naturally Anchorpoint

370 Alexandra Road


Singapore 159953 [map]

(65) 6479 2823

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