Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OMG! This is hard for him..

I was browsing one of my bestie's blog and came across one of her latest post.. After reading this post, my heart sink right to the bottom and I am sort of feeling sad for Ah Bao. Although I don't really know who is Ah Bao, but after several conversation with Yvonne and came across his name, he seems like one of my invisible friend too..

Who can accept the true on their love ones leaving them forever? I can understand how Ah Bao is feeling right now. No consolation words or even jokes can ease him.. He must be lost and he definitely needs time to accept the fact that his dad had already left him. And too he definitely needs time to stand back to his feet. The feeling of losing someone who is so dear to you (especially the one who is always by your side) is not anyone can easily understand... I can understand how he is feeling right now cos I too lost my dad @ the age of 19 and had to take up the burden.. Meaning, at the age of 19, I'm already the sole breadwinner.

This is what happen to his dad.

(Extracted from Yvonne's Blog)

This is the exact news that Yvonne had extracted online:

A LORRY rammed into another in front, swiped it off the lane, and ploughed into a car, crushing the driver inside to death on Tuesday afternoon.
The horrendous accident, which caused another car and SBS bus to be hit, took place on Loyang Avenue towards Tampines Road at about 3.30 pm, causing a massive traffic jam in the area.
Eyewitnesses said the lorry first hit a lorry in the centre lane, side-swiped it to the left and went on to slam a car, which was slowing to a stop at the junction. Ahead of the car was another car and an SBS bus.
Mr Koh Yong Soon, 40, who was a passenger in the lorry hit, told The Straits Times: 'Everything happened so fast. After our lorry was rammed, it ploughed into the car in front and went on top of it, crushing the car and driver.

The driver died on the spot.Mr Koh, who works for Chong Heng Paper Products, and his colleague, who drove the lorry, were unhurt, but two Chinese men were taken to Changi General Hospital.The accident drew a big crowd and sparked a traffic snarl.

(Photos extract from Yvonne's Blog)

(Photo Extract from Yvonne's Blog)

Can you imagine his dad is in the red saloon? Who can survive in such an ordeal?

I have always say, why drive so fast during raining days or even when the road is still wet? If you are running late, you can always leave for your destination early. Why wait till last minute and give yourself the reason for speeding and give yourself a chance to hurt others and their family members? This is really a tragic to his dad... I hope uncle can rest in peace and Ah Bao to stand back on his feet real soon.

Guys and Gals, please shower your love ones with your love and fulfil whatever you have promise them.. Don't always say "Wait lah.. Show them love can be anytime de lah.. Wait till Mother's Day or Father's Day or whatever day lah.. My own stuff is more important now."
OMG! Bet my mood is really down.. (It reminds me of my father death)

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Blogger Winnilicious said...

I saw the news too.

It was kind of scary.

Ytd had the most accidents I think.

For years, I have been wondering how the STUPID Singaporeans drive.

March 13, 2008 at 1:15 AM  
Blogger XiAoWeInI aka bErLiN said...

Well Well.. I totally agree with you.. And that's why ppl in other countries hate Singaporean drivers. We are all idiots in terms of drivers. And that includes myself...

March 17, 2008 at 11:58 PM  

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