Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a F#@k night I am going through

Everything is wrong and very wrong around me. I don't know what's going on and it seems that I can't handle it anymore. I wish to drop all the burden and leave this place for good. No one will think or even to bother about me. People in this world is simply cruel and selfish. I don't understand why I can't be the like the rest, be more selfish and more cruel and heartless.

First hit was done by hubby. As my new house key is collected, we had been discussing on what to be done and what need not be done (for the purpose of saving money) but hubby always wanted to DIY himself. The problem I'm facing now is, HE DID NOT EVEN TRY OUT DIY BEFORE. So as to say, the result for the DIY is unknown. If we look at the bad side, which means, if the DIY don't work, then we have to spend another sum of money to redo the area again. FOR WHAT FARK! Why do we have to spemd additional money in these stuffs. My words to him, "If everyone can DIY, then what's the point of having renovation contractor on this earth?" Result of this arguement, I have given up on the renovation. Let him settle everything by himself. If the result of the renovation, I would just simply moved out without 2nd words. LOOK NO JOKE HERE.

Next hit is the worst one. My mum. She came back home before we wanna leave the house for movie. Her first reaction when she saw me was just simply shouting and yanking at me. This issue is causing real big prob for me. I wanna have my own house with only me and hubby but this old woman insist in moving in with me together with my bro. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Initially I rejected her proposed but later give in to 1 year of 2 persons world before she sell the house away and move in with us. BUT but.. She don't agree and INSIST of moving in at the same time. Otherwise, she will still sell the house and rent the house from her farking friends.. Then she will disown me as a daughter. DISOWN is the word she use.. So can anyone tell me what world is this. I can't imgaine.. Is it wrong to have my own curdly world with hubby? Is it wrong to make a simple request from her? At this point of writing, I am all shattered. Shattered by her word DISOWN. Is it that simple to say disown?

I am really in foul mood.. I can't think well now.. I need to talk to someone, otherwise I might.......... myspace graphic comments myspace graphic comments

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