Friday, March 7, 2008

Rule #1

Yeah! I am going for this show later @ 1125pm.. Spooking... Excited.. Haha.. Going with Karen, Sherard and our timid Victor.. Keke..

Shall write a review later ba.

Cast: Shawn Yue, Ekin Cheng, Fiona Xie
Director: Kelvin Tong
Genre:Horror/ Drama
Language: Mandarin Release
Date:13 March 2008Running
Time:95 minutes

Synopsis :

RULE #1 traces the chilling stories uncovered by the Police Force's emergency calls centre. Everyday the centre receives 185 phone calls, 180 of them are about felonies rapes, murders, robberies, kidnappings The other five begin with "there's something strange in my house.."

RULE #1 tells the shocking and twisted tale of veteran cop Wong (Ekin Cheng) and rookie Lee (Shawn Yue) as they plunge head first into a series of spooky investigations



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