Saturday, March 8, 2008

Review of Rule #1

After watching the show yesterday night, hmmm.. How should I put it? Not a very good one like "THE MAID".

This show is about a rookie cop by Shawn Yue was transfer to Miscellaneous Adminstration (Can't remember if this is correct anot) Department (MAD) after he killed a wanted man by Hong Kong Police Force. Reason he is being transferred is because of his statement. In his statement he mentioned that he saw a ghost and it was the ghost who save his life. And his officer wanted him to change his statement as they thinks that it is ridiculous but Shawn Yue refuse to change.

When he reaches MAD, he and his officer by Ekin Cheng always received calls from the public saying that their place got "dirty" things and wanted them to assist to find a way out. Few occasions, Ekin lied to the public that there was nothing happen but Shawn saw the "things" and was very unhappy with Ekin stating that how can he lied to the public. Ofcos Ekin explain to his doings and Shawn had sort of accept.

The most exciting part came.. Shawn was haunted by the man which he killed before he was transferred to MAD. And this man had possessed countless woman and kill them. And ofcos Shawn's wife/ girlfriend by Fiona Xie was also being possessed and .......

Go to the cinema and see this show lah.. No free show here de lor... Pay up if u wanna complete the story.. ;)

This show storyline is not really scary. The scary part is the sound system. Tokong ar.. Near scare me to death... Go try yourself ba..



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Blogger XiAoWeInI aka bErLiN said...

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