Monday, March 10, 2008

What a busy Sunday I had

Phew.. Usually, my Sunday is a rest and relax day for me. But I bet with effect from last Sunday onwards, I supposed my every Saturdays and Sundays will not be a R & R day for me until the day I move into my new house.

There is really lotsa things to prepare. From buying of furnitures, to kitchen electrical to bathroom accessories.. This is really tough job... So last sunday, me and hubby woke up @ ard 12pm and left home @ 1pm to IKEA and COURTS for some shoppings and ofcos to collect information of the pricing.

There are few things that we have seen and confirm will be buying from IKEA is the window curtains.

Curtain (LILL)
(Price applies for this product as per description shown)
Can be cut to desire length; no hemming required. Sheer transparent fabric; lets light through. Slotted heading; easy to hang. 100% polyester. W280xL250cm.
Designer: IKEA of Sweden

Curtain rod
(Price applies for this product as per description shown)
Adjustable width. Powder-coated steel.

(Price applies for this product as per description shown)
Particleboard,foil top/ steel support/ tempered glass panels. W43xD37, H162cm. Prepared for lighting; lighting sold separately.
Designer: IKEA of Sweden

There are many more stuffs we saw @ Ikea and we are definetly gonna get our stuffs there.. Hmm.. Maybe this Saturday and Sunday again.

As for today, I need to go and purchase my electrical stuffs, the refridgerator, cooker top (dunno what it is called in actual), aircons and the TVs. Oh and also, my sink... Wahahaha...

Shall update my photos real soon.. Too busy..

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