Monday, March 24, 2008

My Monday Morning myspace graphic comments

Yawn.. *Stretching out my body*.. Feeling abit "blurish" now. Woke up rather early this morning, like around 4:30am.. Look here, I don't wake up this early & previous night I am slept @ 2am. *Yawn again*

I have a very important things to handle, that's why I have to wake up that early with hubby. We are shifting our Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy - Hope I get it right) to our new house. Mum is helping us too. And that means, she has to forsake her beauty sleep to help me.. *Feeling giddy now*

Hubby was carrying the statue of Guan Yin and mum was carrying the incense holder, while I am the driver for the morning trip. We reach our new house in the morning. The moment we step in, I was Hmmm.. should I use the word SHOCK. It was so nice with the lightings. Sorry guys, forget to take photo again. Shall take if I have the chance. The living room feeling is so cosy and that's the feeling I wanna.. Thanks Wen Qiang, you did a good job. I love the feature wall, I love the colour of
my flats and most importantly, I love the kitchen cabinet. Its so so different from the rest of HDB.. *I may be abit swa ku (Mountain turtle). But I really din see any of the HDB flat does the same kitchen cabinet as mine.. *Abit proud liao*.. Back to our Guan Yin. Both mum and Hubby start to busy with placing Guan Yin at the table that we have prepared. After settling the Guan Yin, mum took a little tour around our house and seems glad on the renovation.

After viewing the house, we headed home and that was about 6 am.. We hurried home so we can catch more sleep before we start work. We sleep for another 1 1/2 hour den went to work. Now here at office, I am still in dreamy mode and seriously I wanna sleep more..

Sorry, still haven't load photos for my house yet.. Shall do it real soon!! myspace graphic comments

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