Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Not Easy.. Really Not EASY!

Shack is the only word that I can used for both me and Hubby.. Since the our house key collection, me and hubby had been running around Singapore like nobody biz. *OMG bones are shattering*

We have been running to Audio House, Mustafa, Courts and finally one of the HDB void deck shop house. We finally settle down with the following electrical appliances : -

1) 40" Sumsung LCD TV - $1650.00 (Not the lastest model thou but HD Ready mode)
2) 32" Sumsung LCD TV - $749.00 (Not the latest model thou but HD Ready mode too)
3) 3 door upright Mitsubishi Electric Refridgerator - $750.00
4) System 3 Fujitsu Airconditioning - $1950.00
5) Elaine cooker (forget what's the word use.. The one that we cook our food link to the gas one) and exhuast - $500.00
All these must buy by today so we can get them fix up by Monday and the contractor can start to renovate my home le.

As for tomorrow, guess I need to take a off day to settle some of the home stuffs like, wait for the SP Service people to come and switch on the electrical and water supply. Next, have to go to Ikea to get mirrors and the curtain hook. Next need to see some furniture and then if need to buy some decoration for our home. Next to go buy the pool table to act as dinning table. Woahh.. So many things to clear... *Faint*

Still have to take leave either on Monday or Tuesday to meet up the contractor to go round the house to check for any defaults in the house, then go see lightnings. Before going round with the contractor, we need to make sure the aircon man come to fix up the aircon first.

Argghhh.. This is really lotsa things to look into.. More to come still. Furnitures is another headache.. *Already faint on the floor*.

P/s : Shall get the photos for my house ready soon. Give me some time.. Too busy liao.. ;) myspace graphic comments

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