Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OH.... It cost us a bomb..

Fainting real soon.. All rolling in @ a time. Furniture, electrical appliance, renovation, cooker hood and hob, aircon and many many more stuffs.. We are spending 5 figure amount from Sat to today. And the worst part is, we have to wait for all the stuffs to send in to our new house so our contractor can help us to assemble all in one.

Today, both me and hubby have taken leave to just wait for all the stuffs to be send in. First the aircon @ 9am. Then went to Jalan Besar to buy our lightnings with our contractor. Then go back to our house to wait for the Sumsung delivery man to send our TVs in @ 2 pm. Then wait for the hardware ppl to deliver our sink, tap, cooker hood and hob @ 3 pm. And lastly, the electrical appliance like refrigerator, our Home Theatre system, DVD player and the water storage heater @ 5 pm.. Then we waited for the electrician to settle the re-routing..

After that we went to IKEA for some more shopping since we are unable to do it on Sunday after shopping from 4 pm to 10 pm.. MONEY again... Now I bet you guess know why we are gonna faint real soon.

Still have lotsa things to buy.. A fitting curtain, a pool table as a dinning table, bathroom stuffs.. OOHHHHH... We need help.. hahaha... This is really tiring.. Think I shall make it a short one.. Gonna hit the sack..

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