Thursday, March 27, 2008

"They" are haunting you?

Before I start off with the little story on the title I stated in my blog title, I shall give a little debrief on my new house renovation progress.

The renovation is coming to an end, and they are starting to clear up. Been there to do a sudden check 2 days before with hubby and the results is good but if you look into details, it sucks. Cast aside the additional cost issue which I have to pay for no reason (Which I think that he is treating me like a "carrot"), the PAINT WORK they gave me simply pissed me off. THERE ARE MARKS ON THE WALLS.. The marks are like as though they had painted and accidentally touch it when semi dry. Then they just paint over the damaged paint without doing anything.. (Know? The liquid paper have not dry and you write on it, it become like a mark and you use liquid paper to go over it again.) *Faint* I had feedback to hubby regarding this issue and ask him to tell the contractor. When hubby told him regarding my issue, the contractor replied "OH.. It's like that de.." *KOAZ* This is crappy.. Don't give me nonsense lor.. Luckily Wilson is helping me out to trash things out with him.. ERr.. Maybe not trash.. Hahaha.. Thanks Wilson anyway.. (BTW Wilson is Yvonne's boyfriend, a very helpful man.)

Alright that's for all lah.. Too long for my debrief. Now next story about Yvonne.. She have not been sleeping well these few nights. Hmmm I supposed should be about 4 days le ba.. It's all because of her White butterfly issue.. Shall not say much about her butterfly thingy.. Maybe you may link to read more from her blog and get a better understanding.. I bet after you read it.. You must be thinking how can it be.. She must be too tired or stress or worn out and cause her imagination runs wild.. Listen here, I know this gal for more and 5 years and she used to double tired or stress or worn out.. But she did not tell me this type of things before. Me freak out when she told me her encounter and I am really worried of her.. I am worried that she might not be able to hang on.. Told her to go to the temple and pray and get an amulet if available to ward off any evil. She JUST SIMPLY REFUSE..

"GAL I am angry liao wor.. Pls do something to it.. You may get hurt if you don't do so."

You guys may say I am too superstitious.. But nothing in this world is not possible.. You won't believe it if you don't see it.. And yes I am ghost is what I saw before and I raised both my legs and hands to agree on such things is available in this world... And I belief that Yvonne could have disturb the White butterfly and the butterfly is revenging or purely wanna disturb her.. A piece of advise to everyone, do not try to catch / kill / TAKE PHOTOs a butterfly which is flying around in your house. My mum says, those butterflies are usually with spirits in them. How can one butterfly fly in the middle of the night in your house and furthermore your house got no flowers?

God.. I pray you could help Yvonne and let her overcome this.. Amitaba.. :)

Sorry, still no photos yet.. Pls bear with me yah..

Phew long post this time..

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