Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What are best friends for?

Yesterday, one of my staff ask me a question. "What are best friend for?" (You know who u if you are reading my blog..) :) myspace graphic comments

And today, after a little chat over the phone with hubby, I finally know what are best friends or should I say real friends are for. This conversation knocks and awakes my head... I feel bad and I know hubby feel bad too... This is what actually happen earlier between hubby and his so-called best friend Mr V.. Mr V called up this morning asking hubby to help him buy 4D as he is now @ Malaysia. Without second words, hubby ask him to sms over the nos. so he can help Mr V to buy. Then later in the afternoon, hubby called up Mr V (although he is @ Malaysia and hubby have to pay for the oversea call charges.) to inform Mr V that a few of the nos. didn't managed to enter in. Then Mr V told hubby...

Mr V : "Ooi.. Yesterday I lose RM$5000 lei.. Then I ask Ms K to transfer me SGD$1000. Then hor I win back the RM$5000 and also win another $13,000."

Hubby : "Wah... So much ar.. Like that can treat us for dinner liao lor.."

Mr V : "Treat kee lan ar! Don't have lah! Oh don't tell my wife hor..."
Hubby : "Orh........." (-_- ")

See lah.. This type of friends also have... When hubby strike 4D for about $10K, he ask hubby to treat and again without second words, hubby brought them to a hotel restaurant to eat. Now, he win so much money and this is what he say to hubby... (Although it has got nothing to do with me, but I am feeling lousy, pissed off, mad.. How can he treat my hubby like an idiot?)

Before this issue, they had another conversation. And when hubby told me this, deep in my heart I have already decided. I will never treat Mr and Mrs V as one of my best friends, or even close friends, They shall only remain as common and I mean very common friends in my heart.

Mr V : " Come lei, go cruise with us lah.. Arbo boring lor.. Cannot play cards."

Hubby : "No lah.. No money liao.. Dry up after moving new house."

Mr V : "Come lah.. You guys can find way de.."
(On the day of moving house, they have already asked once and we told them we are really broke.
And both of them says they will borrow us the money to go, when we come back then return them.)

Hubby : "No lah.. Serious no money lah.. Still need to go Korea this December"
(Hubby was trying out if he says the same thing anot.) But but......!!!!!!.......

Mr V : "The 2 of you don't go also good lor. At least we can save money.. Cos 4 in 1 room rather then 3 in 1
room.. Like that can save up to $100 over lor.."
(Faint... This is from his fuking mouth.. This last sentence really pissed me off..)

Hubby : "Okie lor, then we are not going anymore.. SO YOU GUYS CAN SAVED!"

I really can't believe that the words did came out from his freaking mouth.. This is way tooo much.... From now on, I seriously needs to think if we are going Korea with them.. But come to think, Ms K and Mr R is going for the Korea trip too lei.. They are my BEST FRIEND and they will always BE..

Answer to the question above :

  1. A best /real friend should be one who is willing to share woes and happiness with you.
  2. A best/real friend will always be at your side whenever you need them.
  3. A best/real friend will never look down on you when you are in deep shit.
  4. A best/real friend will be your listener or adviser.
  5. A best/real friend will lend you their shoulder to cry.
  6. A best/real friend will never ever laugh at you if you are a dumb. myspace graphic comments

This is what I call best friends are for.. I need to thank the following people as they are my best friends who won't hurt me and bring me happiness.

  • Esther (Friends since Primary 4)
  • Justin (Friends since Sec 2)
  • Yvonne (Friends since ITE Colleage)
  • Karen (Friends since age 13)
  • Royce (Friends since age 14)

Thanks guys for being my best friends. Thanks for not hurting me. Thanks for lending me your helping hand or listening ear whenever I need it.. Thanks for your everything. Hope you guys will remain in my heart position. And ofcos, I do have other friends which are close too.. Hope we will be friends forever wor.. myspace graphic comments

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