Saturday, April 12, 2008

Its more lively than ever..

Today, mum have cooked dinner for us.. We went back home with Niki to let mum see Niki and on the other hand, its cos Niki seems missing my bro and mum.. Who knows when we reach home, no one is at home. We stayed till 10 plus and finally mum came back.

My thoughts strike me. "Mummy, why not you guys step over at our side, so Niki won't be missing you guys and will not be so moody." She considered awhile and says "No lah, so mah (2) fan (2).. (troublesom). Need to move all the matteress and pillows and bolester.." I keep pestering her and she finally agreed.

We reach home with all the matteress, pillows and bolester. After settling down, Niki seems in a better mood with them around.. Haha.. Probably Niki is really missing them. Right now, my mum is sleeping in the room and my bro is in the mahjong room playing his Viwawa.. hmmm... I miss this feeling, a lively feeling.. Thou only for 1 week, I can feel the diff.. Don't you guys agree, a home with people around is really a home..

Alright, that's for all today, need to go sleep already.. Still need to go work tomorrow.. myspace graphic comments


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