Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A new Online Shop

When I log into my friendster this morning, I noticed a friend request from "fashionhelpdesk". Was wondering who is it, I therefore accept the request and went to take a peep at the profile. Then there is another link from the profile. Ofcos being a KPO like me, I went in to check it out..

It was a newly open online fashion shop. And I really mean newly open cos the items sold are not much, so bear with it and starting rolling in to chose your favourite clothing ba.. *Wink* After some checking and confirming with one of my girlfriend Strawberry, I knew who the owner of this online shop is.. And its the same as my guess. It was ------, a secret to you guys.. Remember.. If you need to replace your wardrobe with a few new clothing, go fashionhelpdesk to see if anything suits you!

Photos extract from fashionhelpdesk.

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