Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random.. Pictures uploaded

Finally the pictures are up..

My new house feature wor.. Chio right

Pool table act as dinning table too.. (Abit messy) Haven't clear up when taking photo

Corridor area leading to bedrooms

My living room.. Damn messy with all the wiring.. Hubby lying there with Niki..

Niki "nuahing" in the sofa


Went to Guan Ming San to pray Daddy & my mother-in-law on Qing Ming Festival

That's my mum on the left of hubby.. The one with black top and specs.

Our offering to Daddy and mother-in-law

Surroundings are all offerings

The burner.. So "Flamey"

Sneak shoot..

See how sleepy he is..

Hahah.. Wake up by me and he is angry

Alright, that's for all dudes.. Shall update more photos after the house warming.. This time my house will be neat and tidy...

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