Monday, April 28, 2008

Virus Virus go away

"Rain, rain go away, come again another day"

This is the song which we use to sing when we are young and hoping the rain will go away so we can go out play. This time round, I am singing it again. But of a different lyrics..

"Virus, Virus go away, never come back another day"

Hehehe.. Yes, I am sick again. The virus family had came to visit me again. Just not long ago, I think abt 2 mths ago, I was down with minor flu and cough virus. But this time round, I am down with heavy flu.. No cough yet.. Feeling that Mr cough will come sooner or later. This feeling sucks man... Bodyache, "nose-ache", watery eyes and block ears.. God.. When will they leave me alone? I am holding my house warming this sat wor.. KNS!

Arrgghhh... Gotta stop here now.. Need to cont'd with my office work.. Yah I am in office working now. Stupid lifestyle I have.. Yucky..!!

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